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  • Donations / Cost: All of the below are suggestions to minimally compensate me for the time implementing and maintaining this directory. Please send at least $2 if you can't afford more. You can find the donate button at the bottom of the page.

  • New Pin: $5.00. If you require multiple pins, please add $2.50 for each additional pin.

  • Custom Pin or Picture: $2.50. You can send me images for a custom pin and/or to be included in your pin details. Please add $2.50 per image to cover the time for this added customization. Please be sure any custom pin image has a bold/bright border.

  • Future Changes: $2.00. Any time you would like to change details on your pin or your pin location.

  • Traveling Cuddlers: Variable. After the first month of being on the map, we can talk about a monthly rate depending on the rate at which you are traveling, and thus how many updates you anticipate to be needed each month.

  • Future Charges: $2.00. If a year has passed with no updates, I may contact you to make sure you are still in business and that you have no updates. If you would like to stay active on the site, a minimum donation is requested.

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Email me at if you have any questions or requests after filling out the request form, need to make changes to your pin, or have images to send for your customization.

Please request an embed link if you would like to put the map on your website. At these costs, I will be depending on everyone to help spread the existence of this directory. Thanks! =)