Choose a monthly membership plan, from $5 to $250 per month, to get the absolute best session rates possible!

Allows you to accumulate funds each month to count towards your next session, while at the same time providing a discount for any extra cost needed for exactly the session you want when I'm in your area. Also helps me prioritize the location of my travels!

To help you choose the right plan for you, keep the following summary in mind in regards to my estimated plan for 2020.

Note that plans may shift from the below list, but that in general I go where my clients are and as weather allows. So if you want regular sessions, it is quite possible for your state to increase in visits if it's currently only at the visiting level.

  • Regular states (4-6+ visits): VA, NC, SC, GA, AL, FL

  • Visiting states (2+ visits): TN, KY, OH, PA, NJ, MD

  • Visiting states (1+ visit): MS, LA, TX, MO, IA, IL, IN, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT

  • Getting close, may be possible if requested: AR, WI, WV, DE, RI

*If we have not had a session yet, please contact me with any questions before signing up for a membership plan. There are no refunds unless I permanently stop traveling, with few exceptions. Make sure you have read and completely understand my service agreement.

Note: If you stop being a member, you maintain 100% of your balance for 60 days, but lose the discount. You can drop to a lower level in order to maintain a discount and to keep your balance active. Inactive members begin to lose their bonus dollars after 60 days of inactivity at a rate of $15/month. Your balance will never drop below your total paid amount. Deposit and standard cancellation policy applies to your balance once a session has been verbally committed to.

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