My Services


The ultimate experience and the root of what I offer. Experience what it's like to be in a truly safe space. Be who you are, feel listened to, appreciated, boundaries respected, and cared for. Connect.

Sliding scale available for qualified clients, based on your individual situation. Please inquire.

Rates are $75/hr M-F before 5pm, $85/hr M-F after 5pm, and $100/hr Sa-Su, plus travel for out-calls.

Check out the membership packages for significant savings.


Feel too nervous to jump right into a private session? Ease into cuddling by meeting for dinner and a movie (approximately four hours of time).

Only available M-F.

Discounted deal of $80 for initial meeting only, plus travel (add on $20 for sessions after 5pm).

Future public sessions at $50/hour (additional $10/hr for sessions after 5pm).


I will join you for anything you're experiencing anxiety about (for example, a doctor's appointment). I will stay with you for as long as you need and provide hugs or holding your hand (or even just words of encouragement) to get you through it. If you know someone else who could use this support, such as someone undergoing cancer treatments, please consider sponsoring them.

Rates are $25/hr for doctor appointments, $50/hr for other events, M-F plus travel

(please inquire if Sa or Su is necessary).


Do you have an event or know of one where I would be welcome to come provide free consensual hugs to attendees? It's amazing how much a hug can brighten someone's day.



This service is still to come, but in the meantime check to see if there is a party near you, and the blog post to get an idea of whether individual sessions or a cuddle party would better meet your needs.


Unfortunately, this kind of support is not covered by insurance, and there are a lot of people in need who do not have the funds. If you believe in the power of platonic touch and connection, but do not need the service yourself, talk to me about sponsoring sessions for someone in need. If you do not know someone, I regularly have people in need who cannot afford the services or will work to find someone within any parameters you set if there is a particular issue close to your heart (ie - veterans, abuse victims, homeless, etc).

Current existing need is valued at three one-hour sessions per month.