If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or depression, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or chat on https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

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Experience relaxation and connection like never before. Providing a safe space to experience the physical and emotional benefits of connection and healthy consensual platonic touch, to be accepted for who you are, and see the better you emerge as a result.


Inquire with confidence knowing I practice full confidentiality for all of my clients who come to me for my services, and feel safe seeing me knowing that boundaries will always be held to a non-sexual nature.


Platonic Cuddling

We live in a culture where we cannot touch one another without sexual intention, yet most people are either single or in a touch-deprived relationship. In addition, there are people who cannot receive healthy touch because of past trauma. The result is that many in our society are left in a touch-starved state of being. Allowing this to continue is harming our society more than we realize. Reconnect with platonic touch and connection, rediscover healthy consensual touch, and be amazed at how this changes your every day.


Private Cuddles

The ultimate experience and the root of what I offer. Experience what it's like to be in a truly safe space. Be who you are, feel listened to, appreciated, boundaries respected, and cared for. Connect. $100/hr.


Safe Connection

Hugs, light physical contact, lots of conversation. Feel safe being yourself with no judgment and full acceptance. $75/hr.


Remote Options

Phone calls at $30/hr.

Video calls at $50/hr.



"Not only is Michelle a kind hearted and compassionate soul; bus she's also genuinely empathetic/sincere in her desire to be a cuddler that helps to provide comfort and acceptance to people as a calling.


I felt completely at ease with her and her humor, friendly personality, and kindness are clearly seen from the moment you meet her."

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