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If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or depression, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or chat on


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Experience relaxation and connection like never before. Providing a safe space to experience the physical and emotional benefits of connection and healthy consensual platonic touch, to be accepted for who you are, and see the better you emerge as a result.


Inquire with confidence knowing I practice full confidentiality for all of my clients who come to me for my services, and feel safe seeing me knowing that boundaries will always be held to a non-sexual nature.



Platonic Cuddling

We live in a culture where we cannot touch one another without sexual intention, yet most people are either single or in a touch-deprived relationship. In addition, there are people who cannot receive healthy touch because of past trauma. The result is that many in our society are left in a touch-starved state of being. Allowing this to continue is harming our society more than we realize. Reconnect with platonic touch and connection, rediscover healthy consensual touch, and be amazed at how this changes your every day.


Private Cuddles

The ultimate experience and the root of what I offer. Experience what it's like to be in a truly safe space. Be who you are, feel listened to, appreciated, boundaries respected, and cared for. Connect.



Overnight Accommodations

Coming from a distance? Ask about overnight accommodations so you can make the drive on different days or extend to a full self-care retreat of multiple nights.


Remote Options

Phone calls at $30/hr.

Video calls at $50/hr.


Testimonies from Other Sources ~

My first session with anyone, ever, was Connection Time with Michelle. I was nervous going in, not knowing what to expect, but she explained everything and within minutes she felt like an old friend. Connection Time involves sitting and talking, holding hands, maintaining eye contact and some physical contact. I have never felt so close and accepted by someone in such a short time.

10/10, definitely recommend! I will definitely be seeing her again!
Meeting with Michelle has been amazing and the cuddling has been nothing but stellar. It definitely felt like a vacation in a relaxed campground setting. Her Advocacy for this cuddling community and passion she exudes towards it has drawn me to her; to be in her arms felt as comfortable as could be. I learned a few positions and left feeling great. Cant wait to plan a campfire, hike and cuddle with her next time. Please see for yourself. Pay in advance and have her bring all that she is about to you.
She is a genuine person with calming energy , and is a joy to cuddle with and to be around . If you have a chance to see her, I recommend to do so !

She is such a cool person! I had a wonderful time. She’s a great cuddler, and a great conversationalist. I’m really looking forward to the next time we can meet for another session!
We had been unable to match schedules for quite a long time. Finally we booked a session. It was wonderful. Great communication. I learned a few more things from Michelle about cuddling and other topics. I highly recommend. Already discussing the next cuddle.
Michelle is awesome!! I really enjoyed our session, she’s very warm nice to talk to.. looking forward to seeing her again!
I was lucky to catch Michelle when she was in town a few months ago. We immediately had a comfortable and fun rapport with the first message and it continued thru to our first session. She is thoughtful, considerate, responsive, and wise. All my favorite aspects. She has a good balance of verbal and non-verbal connection, and an intuitive sense that I really appreciate after a tough week and I was mentally shutdown. She brought me back. Will definitely book again.
A true professional in every sense! if you are looking for someone to guide you through the world of consensual platonic cuddling, Michelle is the one!! She is patient, understanding, non-judgment and compassionate. She is totally there for you.
She is a real pro; warm, non-judgmental, compassionate, helps you to quickly feel at ease, explains and guides one through various cuddle positions (all very important for someone new at this like me) and is very interesting & intelligent in conversation. Well worth the time and definitely a repeat when she's in the area again!
Thank you for the great experience and I appreciate how you educated me on the different ways of cuddling. As a first time cuddling with a Pro it was an amazing experience. You were warm, friendly and we had fabulous conversations. I will absolutely cuddle again with you.
She was very under standing, welcoming and friendly. She is a very honorable and Genuine person. I had a great cuddle experience and a great Learning experience as well, how the different cuddle positions work for each person cuddling. She is a also a great communicator and teacher of cuddles. Looking forward to the next one.

It was great meeting you! =) I look forward to the next one as well!
Had a great time meeting Michelle while she was traveling through my area. She is a genuinely interesting person who provided a very relaxing session that I hope to repeat.
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. You are very open and warm and outgoing and I look forward to meeting you again. Thank you for all your knowledge and your compassion towards cuddling.
Michelle drove all the way to my house, and we had a wonderful, lovely time together. If you're reading this review, that suggests that you're thinking about seeing her, but you're on the fence - my recommendation is that you stop reading and book her right now.
She's an absolute delight. Best cuddler ever. Warm, caring, considerate, empathetic. Highly recommended. Can't wait to see her again.
What an amazing person and cuddler she is. I had a wonderful time meeting her, and she immediately put me at ease. She is very empathetic and a great listener. I highly recommend meeting her.
Her #1 priority was my comfort, so I had an easy time putting my guard down, talking to her, and having fun with our conversations."
It was one of those times when life smiled upon me, and I can keep going a few more innings.
She is thoroughly professional, without letting that make the time together feel clinical or distant. She’s intuitive, and seemed to know just when to shift positions or stay  put, talk or allow silence to settle on us, care or be cared for… I think one of the highest compliments one could give about a cuddling session is that it felt completely natural, and she seems to be a master at that.
I’m not close enough geographically to see her as often as I would like, but I would absolutely want to book more sessions! You will, too.
Session was really relaxing. She is also a great person to talk to. When I wasn't sure what I wanted to do during the session, she came up with suggestions of her own. I will book again!
Amazing cuddle session with Michelle!
She has an extremely warm heart and nurturing spirit that is evident from the moment you meet her. A thoughtful soul who genuinely understands how to provide comfort and relaxation!
Michelle is a very loving and caring person. Definitely 6 out of 5 stars. She is very passionate and intelligent. She made me feel really relaxed and comfortable. Looking forward for next sessions. Will definitely recommend without any doubt.
Not only is Michelle a kind hearted and compassionate soul; bus she's also genuinely empathetic/sincere in her desire to be a cuddler that helps to provide comfort and acceptance to people as a calling.
I felt completely at ease with her and her humor, friendly personality, and kindness are clearly seen from the moment you meet her.
10/10 will definitely cuddle again in the future and recommend her without any reservations
I had both a dinner meeting with Michelle and a cuddle session, and they were both wonderful beyond any expectations I had.

She's a very interesting and caring person, endlessly fascinating. If you enjoy deep conversation while cuddling, she's delightful to talk to, with a lovely laugh. If you aren't a talker, and just prefer cuddling quietly, she's fine with that too. And she's an amazing cuddler. She's a treasure.

The three hour session passed too quickly, but was more enjoyable then two hours. The conversation as always was enlightening and stimulating. A joy to cuddle with.

If you are too far away from my location to come,

click Request a Session so I can let you know if your location may be possible to visit.

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