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  • What is this service really?
    This really is purely platonic cuddling and support. There is absolutely never anything sexual going on during a session. Make sure you have read, understand, and agree to the service agreement before booking any session. There is nothing wrong with sex. sexuality, or seeking sex workers; it's simply not the service I offer. The idea is that if a child were to walk in during our session, we would not have to change anything we are doing or talking about.
  • Why would I need your service? What are the benefits?
    The benefits to platonic consensual touch are both emotional and physical. Touch is as vital as food or sleep, except we don't recognize the symptoms as being the result of a lack of touch. It improves mood, can lower blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety, lowers cortisol levels, reduces inflammation, strengthens immune system, improves sleep, self-esteem, can reduce depression, and many other benefits. The simple act of connecting with someone in a safe space where you are accepted for being wholly yourself does wonders for your mood, and the biological response to touch has many proven benefits (so why should you pay me?). In addition, if you are uncomfortable with touch for any reason and it is affecting your personal life, working on consensual touch in a safe environment and moving at your pace can help you develop your voice, your boundaries, your trust, etc.
  • Who are your clients?
    I see a variety of people with all different needs. People seeking relaxation or self-care. People who live alone and are not close to family (or whose family aren't very touchy feely). People going through a loss or other difficult time. People with anxiety, depression, autism, or other psychological struggles. People with physical disabilities. People who are married or in a relationship, but don't have compatible touch needs. Seeing a professional cuddler is also potentially incredibly therapeutic for those who have experienced trauma since there is a level of trust which you can depend on as we work within your comfort level. All different genders and sexualities are accepted. As you can see, people seeking touch come from all different situations and experiences. As long as you are respectful of the service agreement, you are an ideal client!
  • I currently see a talk therapist. Is this better?
    No. I cannot substitute for a psychologist or counselor. Cuddling is a great service to combine with talk therapy for a multitude of purposes however. If you are referred to me by your talk therapist, I can offer a discount for any of my session options. Please talk with me about any physical or mental conditions which may affect our session ahead of time.
  • Can I bring you a gift?
    I always appreciate the thought, but in order to maintain the professional nature of our relationship, please refrain from bringing any material gifts for me.
  • What payments are accepted?
    All credit cards (through Square) and cash are accepted. - $50 deposit required to book a session (it may be possible to skip the deposit with a $25 surcharge). - Remainder of payment to take place no later than at the start of the session. - In case of cancellation with sufficient notice, it may be possible for your deposit paid to be applied to your next session.
  • What is your privacy policy?
    I will not share information about you, that you are a client of mine, or any information about our sessions. If we run into each other in public, I will not approach you, nor will I will refer to cuddling. I will follow your direction in regards to saying hi and for conversation subjects. I will follow up with you for my own business, but will not sell or share your information to other businesses.
  • I am located outside your service area. What are my options?
    I have overnight accommodations available so people can travel from further and not have to drive home after escaping their cuddle coma. =) Or stay longer to shift the experience into an extended self-care retreat in the woods of central Virginia to wrap around your cuddle session(s). If you do not want to travel to me, I can travel short distances and offer virtual sessions and I also know many quality professionals across the country. Contact me to ask what your options may be for your specific location.
  • What should I expect at my first private session?
    We will go over the communication agreement, any boundaries either of us have, I may ask some questions, and you may ask any questions of me. The session then progresses at the pace which is comfortable for you. We can just sit next to each other, hold hands, hug, cuddle seated or lay down. Often there is significant conversation, but not always. Touch isn't even required. A single session can include many different positions or few, times of talking or quiet, and no session is the same. Ask if you have any specific questions or requests. The primary restriction is that all activities stay within the service agreement rules.
  • Where can we cuddle?
    In my Home: Cuddle sessions take place on a bed, but can be seated or lying down, depending on comfort and position. You should be aware that I have a cat and a dog in the home, in case you have any allergies, but the cat is not in the cuddle area during my day to day life, so unless your allergies are extreme, I would not expect it to be an issue. Your House: It may be possible to do a session at your home if we have met in a prior session or a public meeting. This option is more schedule restrictive and there are additional fees involved for me to travel to you...
  • What should I know if I want to host in my home?
    It must be a smoke-free environment. Also, please have a clean space ready for us to cuddle either on a couch or on a large soft surface, whichever is your preference, and have clean pillows available.
  • What do I wear?
    A minimum of shorts and a tank top are required (boxers do not count). As long as you meet that requirement, wear whatever you find the most comfortable for cuddling! I will be wearing a t-shirt and soft cotton capri-length pants.
  • What should I bring to my session?
    To keep costs down, please bring a couple pillowcases and a queen+ blanket or sheet to lay over the cuddle space. If you are staying overnight, you are encouraged to bring a set of king sheets as well in order to keep costs down. Thanks =)
  • What if I get aroused?
    This is a completely normal biological response. Don't be uncomfortable about it. If it occurs, just move positions or take a break, don't draw attention to it, and continue to enjoy your cuddle session as usual. I trust you to keep the space non-sexual in both action and intention by not encouraging or acting on this response if it occurs. No big deal!
  • How long of a session do you recommend?
    Most clients I see do 2-3 hour sessions, but I have also done longer, and occasionally will have someone request a 1.5 hour session. Overnight sessions are also possible (must be dog friendly if in my home). Price is $450 for up to a 12 hour visit (includes accommodations at my house). Must include 8+ hours of sleep and for longer overnights, will include breaks for animal care before going to sleep and after our morning cuddle. ($500 for a 14 hour visit, $550 for a 17 hour visit, and $600 for a 20 hour visit; $50 discount if you would like the hour discount but to sleep physically separate). Please inquire for more details.
  • What if I want to extend a session?
    This is usually not a problem, and very common, especially for a first session (many people don't expect to enjoy the sessions as much as they do!). I never fully book, and typically only schedule one session per day, so I can provide my full attention and focus on you. I just need to notify my safety check-in person about the extension, and then we can continue with our session. You can pay for the extension (at my normal hourly rate) at the end of the session.
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