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I have a deep belief that everyone deserves to feel understood and accepted. For my whole life, people seeking that safe and accepting space have been drawn to me. I love being that person for people. We all have a different story to tell, and we each have reasons behind us being who we are. My being a highly sensitive person (HSP) provides me that special perspective and ability to empathize with the people who feel no one understands them. I have an innate ability to be understanding towards people who most of society judges and I have a habit of being kind to the people most seem to just shove aside.

After working at a desk job in the corporate world for over a decade, I’m thrilled to have found work which speaks to my inner purpose and gives me daily fulfillment in having a positive impact on other people’s days and lives. I can’t wait to help you in your journey towards healthy touch, happiness, relaxation, rejuvenation, connection, and confidence in the value of you!

(Here's my reverb so you can hear my voice ).


Platonic Cuddling


We live in a culture where we cannot touch one another without sexual intention, yet most people are either single or in a touch-deprived relationship. In addition, there are people who cannot receive healthy touch because of past trauma. The result is that many in our society are left in a touch-starved state of being. Allowing this to continue is harming our society more than we realize. Reconnect with platonic touch and connection, rediscover healthy consensual touch, and be amazed at how this changes your every day. In the touch-positive and accepting environment in a cuddle, touch is ok if you want it, and not forced upon you if you don't. It's all about consent, acceptance, and healing. It’s amazing how much it affects our health just to have routine touch in our lives, and on the flip side, how much we are emotionally affected in a negative way when we lack this regular touch our bodies need.


As of 02/2022

Four years in the work, 65 unique clients helped, over 600 cuddle hours provided!


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trained (ASIST)


Cuddle Sanctuary Certified


Mental Health First Aid Certified


Completed Cuddle Sanctuary training in California


Attended CuddleXpo in Chicago


Completed the Cuddlist training program

02/2018 - Present

Professional Cuddler

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