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Plan Ahead

Bank funds towards future sessions on your own schedule (not limited to saving for just one session). As a reward for planning ahead, you receive a 5% discount on all session hours.

Monthly memberships with even more benefits are available here.

Plan ahead for standard hourly sessions by purchasing as many hours as you would like at a 5% discount.

Dreaming about an overnight, but it feels like too much money? Select as many 1/4 portions as you would like each time you come to send a payment (5% discount is $570/overnight, so $142.50 per quarter).

Includes hang out / conversation time, two hours of evening cuddling, 30 minutes of cuddling before sleep, 8+ hours of sleeping, one hour of cuddling after waking up, and any extra hang out time within your schedule, up to a total of 14 hours from arrival. (Also includes Airbnb room at my house, extra cost for suite which is both ADA accessible and allows a wholly cat-free living environment).

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