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2019-09-16 to 20: Quick Stop and First Two Harvest Host Stops

After TBGT, I crashed one night at another state recreation area before getting some service done on the Winnie (including new LiFePO4 batteries!), and then stopped at my first two Harvest Host stops on my way to the next campsite.

Perks of camping in the off-season mid-week. Drove right into the Hibernia Campground at Kerr Lake State Recreation Area and found this great campsite with its own private beach!

View from the campsite.

Walked down to view the sunset before heading in for the night. Beautiful...

First Harvest Host stop at Bush-n-Vine in York SC (delicious strawberry soft-serve from their own strawberries!).

It also had a lovely trail to walk on while parked.

Towards the end, the trail went by some beautiful sunflowers for Frito to pose next to. =)

Second Harvest Host was at Golden Grove Farm & Brew in Piedmont SC. Frito got to come inside with me and did surprisingly well despite the dogs running lose in the bar! =)



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