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2019-10-2 to 10: Long Stretch from KY, through OH and PA, and into NJ

Kentucky State Park, then a couple Harvest Hosts and Crashes getting through OH and PA, finishing up with a park in NJ.

Grass growing out of a knot in a tree at Taylorsville Lake State Park in KY. ;-)

The donkeys were very interested in Frito at Janoski Farms in Clinton PA, and Frito kind of liked them too. ;-)

One pretty shot of this Harvest Host's polyculture farming practice in action.

Another pretty shot. The way farming works best...

Frito saying goodbye to the donkeys before leaving this spot.

Nice parking spot at Rohrbach's Farm Market in Catawissa PA. This Harvest Host was a little less fun to get to, but it was a nice spot and market.

I need to return to Mahlon Dickerson in Jefferson Twp NJ when the Mountain Laurel is in bloom...

Rocky trails of New England..

Me checking out my panorama option on my phone.



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